The Fairlie Good Store 02

The Fairlie Good Store 02

Hi Friends!

It's been a little while and I figured I would write a little update on how we are doing. We've been having some pretty damn good responses to our website both in terms of ordering and just general enjoyment of my many puns, which I must admit comes as a bit of a relief. I wasn't sure how that would go..

It seems like our little store is gaining a bit of traction, we have recently completed our first market and have a few more on the horizon, big shout out to Sarah Sears (Sam's mum) for being an excellent stand in hawker for us!

We also now have a small offering of beans available at JR's General Store which serves as our primary physical location for the moment.

So I think that about covers it for now, happy caffeinating and we'll talk again soon.

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