Locally Owned. Locally Roasted.

A large percentage of big brand coffees in New Zealand are now internationally owned. This makes us sad. It should make you sad too.

Being too small for international ownership certainly has it's perks though. It means we have total control over our offerings and choices, which in turn means we can bring you amazing coffee, even if it doesn't make us millions.

Our efforts are focused around bringing you both the interesting as well as the conventional and hopefully keep both at an approachable price.

Quality Control From Start to Finish

Whether its new coffees we are looking to use or coffees we are already using, cupping and quality control is integral to who we are.

We conduct weekly cupping sessions to assess how our seasonal singles and blends are performing, and make apropriate changes as neccessary.

So why work with us?

Great question! Zoliekah often wonders the same thing, especially when I drink the last beer in the fridge, but please don't judge me by my terribly short-sighted life-shortening decisions.

The question is really quite easy to answer though, we like to believe that the best reason to make the jump into awesome mutually beneficial team work situations with us is because it's exactly that. Teamwork. You aren't just a number to us, you're an integral part of the community we operate within.

No café can survive without it's customers, and no roastery or store can survive alone either. So let's help each other. Build a better community, you provide the epic gathering spot and we'll provide you with some delicious go-go juice and cool products to complement it.

So flick us a message via the contact form and we'll be in touch soon.

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