Fairlie Good Coffee Co. 01

Fairlie Good Coffee Co. 01

Where to begin...?


Christchurch has given me a lot of experience and knowledge to work with and by moving to Fairlie I finally have a great location to put that knowledge into practice. A large percentage of the knowledge I have picked up is from working in and around Coffee Roasteries, which just happens to be something that I have always wanted to do myself.


When Zoe and I first thought about creating something in Fairlie I knew that I wanted to include coffee and more importantly roasting into the mix somehow. We threw around ideas for quite some time and when a 2kg roaster came up on trademe at an affordable price we jumped at the chance to get this part of the plan off the ground.


Over the last couple of months I've been working away in the garage making sure my skills are still up to snuff and as all good kiwi coffee companies do, part of my garage has transformed into the roastery.


Currently I’m working on two caffeinated offerings as well as one decaf to quickly follow soon afterwards. As I look further into the future these offerings will undoubtedly expand, for now though these three will give me an excellent base to work from while I juggle this new part of my life as well as the myriad of other fun things I have progressing in the background.

That’s about it for now, so ‘til next update.



Happy Caffeinating!

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