Fairlie Good Coffee Co. 03

Fairlie Good Coffee Co. 03

Man what a fun few months it's been.

From having some big accomplishments to having some big disappointments, it has been one hell of a roller coaster getting to this point.

Bean wise we are cruising along pretty well, we've brought in a few new beans and swapped out a couple as well due to limited availability, we have also finally managed to build enough of a back up in the roastery to feel confident we won't suddenly run out which certainly helps with the mental aspect of this project. 

Looking forward we are going to relax a bit going into the Christmas period and likely do a bit of consolidating and finalizing of new beans/offerings and plans of attack for the new year.

Hopefully I'll have some more concrete news in the next post which will likely be in the new year at this rate... 


So for now Happy Caffeinating,


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