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Location: Araponga, Matas de Minas, Brazil

Altitude: 950 – 1400 MASL

Annual Rainfall: 1357 mm

Temperature: 15 – 21ºC

Soil Characteristics: Latosol red

Varietals: Mixed Varieties

Characteristics: milk chocolate, apple, macadamia, toffee



The Araponga region is a micro-region within the Matas de Minas in the estate of Minas Gerais. The region is embraced by the Atlantic forest , which makes it very suitable for the production of specialty coffees.

Another characteristic of the Araponga region is its microclimate. Sometimes a farm can have different microclimates from one crop to another. This contributes to different nuances of flavor in the cup. This region is privileged with high mountains that lead to a range of temperatures and levels of humidity creating the perfect place to grow amazing coffees.

This coffee went through the following process:

From the harvest, it was taken to the washing machine for separation by density. Then, cherries were taken to the suspended beds, which remained open for the first two days. In these first two days, the coffee layers were kept thicker to stimulate the fruit’s nar natural fermentation of the fruits. After two days, when the moisture content was lower, the layers were thinned and the suspended bed was covered, to ensure a slow and uniform drying. The rest of the drying took an average of 10 days.



This single origin coffee is for the people who prefer a bit of punch in their life, mainly intended for espresso when cutting through milk. It does however, work well in plunger or stove top when the drinker wants it strong. 

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