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Cauca EP

Cauca EP

Location: Cauca Regions, Colombia

Altitude: 1570 - 1770 MASL

Producers: Various Smallholders

Varietals: Castillo & Colombia

Harvest: March - June

Processing Method: Washed, Sun dried

Characteristics: Sweet flavour, strong caramel aroma and fragrance, with high acidity, medium body. Overall impression is balanced, clean and mild with some sweet, floral notes.



Cauca is 100% mild Arabica coffee, mainly grown on small farms where it is selectively picked and processed, sticking to quality protocols and standards encouraged by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation. Because of its location within Colombia and the particular characteristics of the Cafe de Cauca production area, the coffee has very particular sensoria’s and quality attributes in the cup.



This one is our general all rounder single origin. Doing well as espresso/plunger/stovetop/filter styles. Our most popular bean with fruit forward medium strength flavors. 

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